Currently developing a new body of research and work responding to the imagined future statement:

‘An object is found. Our technology can decode certain information stored in it.
We are uncertain as to it’s interpretation, completeness or function’.

The object is the violin, found by a variety of people/species/machines in a variety of places/times/contexts.  This future statement is intended as starting point for exploring sound past and present, through the lens of the violin.  Sounds to explore could be folk musics, classical systems, sounds that are resonated through the body but not necessarily played, popular music – all sounds that might be featured on/in/through a violin are subjects for interrogation. Outputs might be written music, installations, recordings, text, questioning modes of information propagation and documentation. The work will be situated across multiple times and place and question the systems and methods that have been/can be used to write history and imagined futures, and the meta narratives  these systems may impose.

I’ll be sharing bits of my process on this page. If you are a researcher/artist/dancer interested in any of these areas or interested in collaborating I’d love to hear from you!

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