Project Description

Participatory happening

Gramophone, CDs, Loop pedal, Tapes, Tape recorder, Microphone

DIY Scratch Orchestra

2010, Barnaby Art Market
DIY Scratch Orchestra was an interactive improvised performance developed for Barnaby Art Market. Referencing Cornelius Cardrew’s experimental music ensemble The Scratch Orchestra, participants were encouraged to destroy cds, scratch records, loop sounds and improvise with the microphone to create their own unique experimental music tapes. The usual etiquette of music handling (don’t scratch the CD, hold record by the edges, sing in tune etc) was disregarded and the participants were encouraged to explore all possible avenues of sound production using very simple equipment. The outcomes were generally glitchy, industrial, repetitive sounds that whilst unusual and slightly chaotic had definite structure and made some conventionally ‘musical sense’ through the process of additive layering and looping. Each performance was an improvisation between artist and participant, with both as equal noise makers.

Participant Sam’s recording

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