DIY Instrument

MDF, Dowel, Scrap timber,

Polymorph, Electric Drill,

Resonating items


2010, Used at Cu (Future Everything Festival, Manchester) and The Vaults, Birmingham

These Glogomobiles are a DIY, reverse engineered, scaled up version of a musical toy designed by Herbert Bahli (Switzerland) in 1983. They function like a programable barrel organ/music box.

Bootleg performance recording from The Vaults, Birmingham

Organised sound (by Gloggomobil, record player, timers and found objects)
Organised sound (by Gloggomobil, record player, timers and found objects) was a kinetic sound installation for Cu, part of FutureEverything new media festival. It combines an interest in old mechanical technology with electronic new media. The Gloggomobil functioned as programmable barrel organs, triggering a hammering action which hit the objects (glasses) and therefore made them resonate. The adapted record player acted as a wet finger to a wine glass, again causing the object to resonate at it’s natural frequency. A motion sensor timer switch caused the electronic objects to stop and start, adding a rhythmic structure to the sounds, which were partly arranged by the artist following existing musical and mathematical systems, and partly dictated by the technologies used.
Musick for bar items and rotating technology

Musick for bar items and rotating technology (Drill, Record player, Gramophone, Gloggomobil) was a site responsive performance, taking items from The Vaults’ current state of being (bar) and mixing them with mechanical items inspired by the historical watchmakers, metal-smiths and jewelers of the area.

The performance involved playing the bottles (via the gloggomobil), resonating a rotating wine glass (attached to a record player) and amplifying the mechanical sounds of the wind up gramophone. A score was followed which was determined by finding patterns within the acoustic properties of the objects and utilising the Pythagorean scale. The tonic of the piece was based on the constant whine of the drill which powered the gloggomobil.

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