Project Description

Sound Installation

Karaoke Mics, Mixing desk,

Guitar amps, Gaffer tape

Some sounds I found (…)

Nomadic installation
Some sounds I found (…)’  is a nomadic, site specific sound installation and performance piece that utilises the sounds within the environment in which the work is situated. This is created by placing microphones next to objects, appliances and areas that have interesting sounds. Timer switches which turn microphones and appliances on and off are used as a rhythmical device.

Recordings from various installation locations in Eastside Projects

‘Some sounds I found (BS1 3JA) 08’
An audio installation at the show ‘Rhys and Hannah present…. Goodbye space, hello spaces’ using the sounds of 2 lights, 1 fan and the alarm box. It was amplified through the gallery, creating a constant pulsating, electronic musical backdrop to the space. This was a fixed installation for the duration of the show
‘Some sounds I found (B9 4AR) 09’
A 1 day installation at ‘Eastside Projects’ project space, using the sounds of the alarm box, 1 fluorescent light, 1 light switch and timer switches on the microphones. The sound was outputted to wireless headphones, and the mix was altered throughout the day to give various different sound pieces which could be listened to whilst walking around the rest of the gallery. The radio sounds were picked up from the alarm box. All these samples were created by simply turning sounds on and off via the timer switches and altering the mix.

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