Birmingham based Mega Folk 12 piece

The Destroyers are:
Aaron Diaz – Tuba
Dan Wilkins – Guitar
Jamie Fekete – Guitar
Katie Stevens – Clarinet
Max Gittings – Flute
Nick Jurd – Bass
Pete Churchill – Accordion
Rob Spalton – Trumpet
Sam Wooster – Trumpet
Sarah Farmer – Fiddle
Seth Bye – Fiddle
Tim Bowes – Drums
Originally conceived as the rogue offspring of legendary Birmingham basement jam sessions, The Destroyers have grown to become the exemplar of Megafolk, with a truly unique sound that is “absolutely the finest ‘take’ on the whole mix of Eastern music and Western culture” (Continental Drifts).
The Destroyers have been consistently knocking the socks off of audiences at clubs, festivals and arts centres, accumulating a diverse fanbase and earning places on major stages at UK festivals such as Cambridge Folk Festival, Glastonbury and Boomtown Fair plus appearances on Sky Arts TV, and BBC Radio 2, 3 and 6.

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