Graphic score & performance

The map is not the territory

2019, part of ‘Noise: Signal: Set’, performed at Eastside Projects
‘The Map is not the territory’ is an instructional score made for SPACETIMEBAND in a collection of pieces called the Noise:Signal set, based on the laser interferometry system that detects gravitational waves (LIGO)
Performers are situated in space as if parts of the interferometer (transmitter, propagator, reflectors, receiver) and move the signal (sound) around the space in a similar fashion, each performer with a specific role (generate sound, split the sound, reflect the sound, recombine the sound etc).  The pokes at the gap between the real and rendered.
Performers spent 2 days in the gallery interrogating and rehearsing the work.  In this time they were encouraged to play with clay, focusing on the plasticity of the material and topology of the forms they made, as a tool for considering ‘space-time’ in a different way, which might translate through playing of instruments.  The forms were exhibited during the performance.
SPACETIMEBAND explores cosmological concepts and human experiences of these through sound, sculpture and performance.  It combines improvisation with open scores and experimental techniques and is a flexible ensemble that can consist of professional or amateur performers.
Aaron Diaz – Trumpet
Richard Scott – Viola
Joe Wright – Tenor Sax
Andrew Woodhead – Synthesisers
Nick Jurd – Double Bass
Sarah Farmer – Violin
Performed at Eastside Projects,
Dec 2018

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