Project Description

AV Recording

Recording/Playing technology;

Players: Tape, record, laptop, amp

Recorders: Laptop, tape, microphones

Archive nature sounds

The recording is the record

2015, experimental work in response to a proposal brief, using sounds from British Sound Library
Online sounds of nature recorded in the last 40 years were captured, edited only through selection, length, repetition and panning. The sounds of the making process were also captured and fed back in to the piece – the keys and machine of the computer, background noise of the editing environment etc. The first half of the piece begns with the equipment being turned on, including a tape recorder, which records the first half of the sounds, to be rewound, and played back throughout the second half in a mirroring fashion. Whilst the editied sound on the laptop is fixed, the timings of the use of equipment outside of that mean every performance is slightly different.

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