Project Description

AV installation/performance

Video (After Effects)

Sound (Keyboard, Violin, Shruti box, vocals. electronics)

The Voyage of the Gongoozler

2021, Coventry Canal Basin for Random String Festival (Ludic Rooms)

Part canal boat, part time machine, part concept album, THE GONGOOZLER set sail along the waterways of Coventry, uncovering a brand new mythology for the city.

Its brave crew, the troubador-balladeers of Janus Sonic Travels have chronicled the strange and wonderful things they found along the way.

Hark to the sound of the records they made, and read more about the stories they uncovered here

Music, story writing and animation: Sarah Farmer

Music, story writing and production: Andrew Woodhead

Lyrics and vocals: Beth Kay

Artwork by Emma Reading

Produced by Ideas of Noise, commissioned by Ludic Rooms for Random String Festival 2021.